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Frequently asked Septic questions.

Septic Pumping-  A truck that removes sewage from septic tanks
Septic Tanks Installation-  New septic tank or old tank replaced
Septic Tanks Replacement-  Some older septic systems the tank will rust out or collapse
Tank Repair-  In some cases tanks can be repaired
Holding Tanks-  Used to hold sewage until proper septic system is installed
500 Gal. Septic, Dosing Tanks-  Effluent (Contaminated water) is pumped to the drain lines when drain field is higher than tank
1000 to 10000 gal. Septic Tanks-  Standard concrete tanks to replace old tanks
Complete Tank Farms-  Commercial system that need multiple tanks for retention time
Sand Filters Above Ground and Underground-  Conventional concrete bunkers or out of sight underground bunker
Sand Filter Updates-  Sand filter overhaul to update older system to make servicing easier
Control Box Installation and Updates-  Pump control boxes extend pump life
Standard Drain fields-  18 to 24 inch trench depth
Cap & Fills-  12 inch depth drain lines with 10 to 16 inch topsoil cap over drain lines
Pressure Distribution-  12 inch depth on drain lines with high head pump and 1 inch pressure lines
Low & High Head Effluent Pumps-  Allows standard systems high pressure pump for sand filters hoses
Back Line Replacement-  A line between septic tanks and distribution box
Lines Repair and Installation-  Complete drain lines installed
Ground Water Interceptors-  Used to circumvent water around a drain field
Permits Obtained-  Trip to county offices to obtain permits for customers
Plot Plans Drawn-  Plot plans are drawn to obtain permits from county
Septic System Stake Outs & Elevations-  Complete stake out for permits
Test Pits-  2' x 8' x 4' pit dug to obtain permits

Complete Sand Filter Kits & Plans for the Home Owner- Complete materials, numbered to install with plans and instructions for installation.

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